Types of Window Coverings

Perhaps you have moved in to a new house and you’re wondering what the best types of window coverings are that you should use? Or perhaps you want to change your old window coverings and you’re not sure what will look and work the best by today’s design standards. You have come at the right place. Here you will find the best window treatment options to best fit your design taste and day-to-day needs.

What you need to consider before choosing custom window coverings:

Light Control

Imagine just waking up and the first thing you feel is blinding light streaming into your room and directly into your eyes. This unwelcome intensity can be unpleasant on your eyes and create a distracting glare on the TV and can sometimes even bleach your furniture and carpet with prolonged exposure. Window coverings can help you with these concerns.

You have the opportunity to select a custom window covering solution that will only let in the light with which you’re comfortable. A custom solution ensures a solution that is tailored to your unique style, budget and light control preferences that perfectly align your lifestyle needs.

Light control is perfect for the bedroom, kitchen and dining room. You can actually block out all the light or just a small portion depending on what you want to do. Maybe watch a movie or sleep in on the weekend. You may also want a shade that is transparent. It blocks the light but you can still see outside. You won’t lose your spectacular mountain view if you live in Calgary, or ocean view if you live on the coast. It also provides UV protection and reduces the glare from the Sun’s powerful and persistent rays.

Shades will only give a clear view if you raise them. However, blinds can be incrementally tilted open or closed by controlling the angle of the slat, allowing you to see more or less of the outside. It is best to choose the type of window covering depending on how you want to operate the window treatment and how much privacy and light is needed for that room.


Window treatments can improve insulation and control temperature in your house whether you’re trying to escape from burning heat or chilling cold. They can also reduce the energy costs for cooling or heating your home. Chosen correctly, this can be a purchase that saves you money every single day, no matter the season.

Cellular shades are perfect for insulation and are known as either cellular shades or honeycomb shades. Draperies and shutters are also great. They can reduce the amount of heat or cold that enter through your windows and are usually made using heavier materials that easily block extreme temperatures, helping to keep your home at a consistent and pleasant temperature.

Visual Impact

Window treatments create an aesthetic appeal that makes your house look cozy and elegant at the same time. You can choose bold and bright colors that complement your other home decoration.


You don’t need to break the bank to have stylish custom window treatments. There are a wide range of window treatments that you can get at reasonable prices.

Window shape (large, high, arch, door, odd-shaped, skylight, outdoor)

There are a broad range of window treatments that match the shape of your window. For a large window, you can choose roller blinds or cellular shades. For a high window, a motorized window treatment is perfect so that you don’t need to use a ladder to lower or raise the window covering. There are also available treatments for odd- shaped and arch windows. Moreover, you can also choose skylight or exterior shades for outdoor.

Privacy and Light Considerations

When choosing the best window covering the main considerations are privacy or light. In some cases, privacy takes priority, such as in a bathroom or bedroom. However, light control is equally important, so the real challenge is knowing your options to find the right balance of both, room to room. Window coverings can cater to your personal needs. You can regulate the natural light and privacy and even automate and time when the window coverings adjust to different degrees of light. You can cut the harsh sun rays glare and catch up on your sleep. Blinds, drapes, curtains or shades are perfect.

The living room doesn’t need much privacy and you can use semi-sheer window treatments depending on the number of windows that you have.

Types of Window Treatments and Coverings


Curtains are a common type of window treatment used in our homes. They are available in many colors, styles and patterns. Curtains are often made from lightweight fabric unlike drapes and are sold in two panels. The panels hang from a curtain rod or rings above the window frame.

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Blinds are modern window treatments that block out sunlight and enhance privacy especially in the bedroom. They are made from strong, yet versatile, materials such as vinyl, metal or wood. They have slats that can be titled open or closed using cords that run though the blind. Their orientation can be vertical or horizontal.

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Drapes are almost similar to curtains and are available in different colors, patterns and lengths. They are made from light to heavy weight fabric and are more formal than curtains. They can hang on a traverse  rod with a cord to facilitate easy opening and closing. Drapes add a soft touch of color to your home décor. They come in a variety of drapery styles that often extend down to just above the floor.

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Shutters are window treatments crafted from wood or Polysatin and are fitted on the window frame. They have movable louvers that allow their open and close movement. They are affordable and classic window coverings that will add style to your home.

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Shades are a popular window treatment with a variety of modern patterns, colors and styles. A shade is made from a fabric that is attached to a roller tube that is easily moved up and down using a beaded chain or continuous loop.

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A Valance is a window treatment that covers the top part of the window. They are often paired with curtains, drapes or blinds. They conceal the drapery hardware and create a focal point when used in any room.

Now you know the different types of window coverings that are available. Browse through the exclusive custom window coverings with high quality standards and select the best for you.

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