There are various types of window shades that you can choose from to complement the décor in your house. Depending on the style that you want window shades can be decorative or functional. By their design, shades provide a consistent diffusion of light across the entire unit, versus the “slatted” light effect found in blinds and shutters. There are versatile window treatments can be used for privacy or for light control.

Types of Shades

Roman Shades


These shades are ideal for almost any window and room. Fabric roman shades are made of simple but versatile fabric. Custom roman shades can be made with ribbon or trim depending on your taste. They inherently have soft folds in the fabric and create an elegant finish to any room.

Roller Shades


Roller shades have an advantage that they can be rolled out of the way discreetly if you want to have full window visibility. The roll up window shades can be rolled up to the farthest point. They don’t need too much fabric. Roll up shades are easy to manipulate because they have a hardwire that helps you to easily manipulate it using a remote or from the control panel. Examples of the roller shades include the bamboo roller shade, the motorized roller shade and the solar roller shade.

Cellular Shades (also known as Honeycomb)


Cellular window shades, or honeycomb shades are a soft fabric window treatment often used in bathrooms and bedrooms for privacy. They protect you from being seen and you can walk around without worry that someone will see you. They function both for privacy and to let some light in. They are constructed with a honeycomb design to insulate the room. It keeps the heat in and cold out.


Shades by Location

Kitchen Shades

Roman shades are ideal for the kitchen especially above the sink where you can’t put full length curtains or drapes.

Bathroom Shades

Roman shades or honeycombs are perfect for the bathroom. They cover the window especially when curtains are not feasible.  The honeycombs can also open from the top to give you privacy from the neck down.

Living Room Shades

Honeycombs, rollers or silhouettes are popular shades for the living areas.  If you want privacy with diffused light a silhouette is a perfect option or a top down bottom up honeycomb.

Bedroom Shades

Select blackout roller shades that dim the light from the room. These are perfect to insulate the room and block sun light. Blackout roman shades are also perfect to block out light and noise from the external environment.  The most popular room darkening shade is the honeycomb due to its tighter fit and small stack.

Custom Features

Some shades have extra lining to offer additional light blockage. They can also help to insulate the room and add fullness to the folds.

Tips & Tricks

  • For maximum durability, select shades of good quality.
  • Select the option based on the desired function. Is it for privacy? Or do you want total darkness or just a little light filtering?

Hunter Douglas Shades

Honeycomb Shades

The honeycomb shades are available in a wide variety of sizes, whether vertical or horizontal. Depending on the light blocking options you can choose sheer to opaque. You can choose the Applause honeycombs or the Duette.

Roman Shades

Vignette modern Roman shades have different fold styles and sizes from which to choose. They are available in vertical or horizontal orientation. They have consistent folds and their cords are not exposed.

Solera Shades

These shades are available in woven and non-woven fabrics. They are cellular in shape and have room darkening and light filtering options.


From roman shades, cellular shades to silhouettes, now that you are aware of the different types of window shades, you can make an informed decision.