Window valances are decorative window treatments that are used to complement the drapes, curtains and blinds. They are fabrics placed on top of the window frame to conceal the hardware used to mount the window coverings and also add a touch of color and style. The modern valances for windows are often mounted on poles or rods and come in different styles such as pleated, arched, flat or gathered.  Read on for style ideas for all of the considerations regarding valances.

Different Swags of Window Valances

Swag Valance

These luxury valances for windows hang in brackets and drape over the top of a window and the tails or jabots hang down on each side. They hang loosely from the window frame and give a romantic and stylish look to the room. The ends hang down on either side of the window in diagonals or hemmed ends. You may use any type of fabric; for example, a lightweight or sheer fabric makes a scarf valance and sheer lace valances are also a contemporary choice with a touch of sophistication.

Pleated Valances

These are tailored valances for windows that give a formal or traditional look to the room. It has stitched pleats and is often attached to an L-shaped rod. If you are looking for a traditional or a classic Victorian look, a box pleated valance is the best option for you. You can get custom valances for large windows with the pleated design.

Valances by Location

Kitchen Valances

Kitchen valances or rather kitchen swag are placed over kitchen sinks where the curtains cannot go full length to the floor. This valance can be used alone in the kitchen if they are of adequate length. You can select from a wide range of small window valances for the kitchen that accent the unique combination of appliance choices, cupboard designs, furniture styles and flooring type and color.

Living Room Valances

Depending on the size of your windows you can pick long window valances that are on an upholstered box like a cornice, or pleated to add formality and style to the room. Use sheer valances for wide windows in the living room area to create a sophisticated, finished look.

 Bathroom Valances

Bathroom window valances give you privacy but, at the same time, add a more finished sense of style to your bathroom than standard window dressings allow. Select simply designed valances with soft gathers and folds to cover your bathroom window. A sleek upholstered cornice is a perfect solution for bathrooms as they are easy to clean.

Bedroom Valances

Valances for bedroom windows provide covering not just for privacy but for style as well. The bedroom is the most intimate shared space in the home, so its interior design is one you should focus on more to create a finished look and feel that specifically meets your deepest moods and tastes. Bedroom valances add flair and color to the underlying blinds or curtains. The best window valances for bedrooms are swags, pleated styles or cornices. Thy create a glamorous and cozy look to your bedroom. You may need to use them alongside blinds and curtains because they don’t offer much privacy or light blocking features.

Dining Room Valances

The dining room valance adds a sense of luxury and dignity that is perfect for entertaining guests and for enhancing your family meal times. Valances offer a flourish that is often lacking with the standard blinds or curtains; they add a touch of brightness and visual commentary to a room, along with extending the color scheme and finish to the dining room’s overall décor.

Custom Features

  • Valances are made from different materials such as polyester, linen, sheer or velvet.
  • Curtain rods or rings to fit in the valances.
  • They are available in different colors and patterns.
  • Upholstered boxes or cornices can be traditional to contemporary


Tips & Tricks

  • For a more glamorous look, drape the swags over the bed posts and let them fall on each side of the canopy frame.
  • Valances accentuate the curtains and drapes; therefore, you may need to select matching colors and styles.
  • Check the labels before washing the valances whether they can be hand washed or can only be dry cleaned.


Due their visual appeal, valances are typically used in dining areas, master bedrooms or parlors.  They can often be used alone to create simplicity if you do not want the heaviness of drapery. However, they conceal the drapery hardware or the curtain rods and create a more finished, elegant and complete ensemble. You can select from the different types of valances depending on your home décor, keeping in mind the general considerations as far as room type and individual lifestyle and interior design choices.