Window shutters are a classic and, at the same time, contemporary window treatment style often preferred for coastal, country or cottage windows. They are made from natural wood that is painted or faux wood, or polysatin that is fitted in the window frame. The louvers come in wide sizes to help you control the light and view through. They are available in a variety of colors although white is most popular.

Shutters by Location

Living Room

There are versatile window shutters that can accentuate the décor of the living room. White shutters can blend with any color of the walls of the living room. They are perfect to create a casual but classy look.  Choose wooden, horizontal shutters that are wide to filter in sunshine in to the living area.


Shutters are perfect for the kitchen because they fit in the windows. You don’t have to worry about damaging them, unlike when using curtains where water will touch them.


Shutters with large louvers give the bedroom an elegant look. They lock out unwanted light from entering the room and enhance privacy. You can choose from a wide selection of paint finishes to math your bedroom décor.


The modern shutters made from hybrid material are perfect for the bathroom. The material is moisture resistant and won’t wear off quickly, even in the bathroom’s more humid environment.


Plantation style shutters are a modern way to make the office look stunning. They are durable and easy to manage. They don’t require regular cleaning unlike curtains or drapes.

Custom Features

  • They are made from versatile material such as hardwood or hybrid material.
  • The hinged panels that allow easy closing and opening of the shutters.
  • They can have shutter panels that slide past each other and allow part of the shutters to close while others remain open. – this would be perfect for patio doors.

Tips & Tricks

  • Dust wood shutters with a cloth to remove dirt.
  • If the shutters are painted, you can wash them with water and soap. Then, rinse the slats and dry with a cotton cloth.

Hunter Douglas Shutters

  • Palm beach shutters are made from polystatin which resists UV rays. Therefore, they won’t crack, fade or discolor even when exposed to extreme heat and moisture.
  • “New Style Shutters” are made from a hybrid material and give the look of real wood. They are made from wood flour, resins and polysatin


Shutters utilize natural wood or hybrid material to blend in natural beauty. If you love nature, wood shutters will complement your other nature based décor in your home.  Whether you choose real wood shutters or shutters made with modern hybrid materials, they are a sure way to dress up your windows.