Purchasing a home is not an inexpensive venture, however, often the window coverings can be overlooked and it is an unexpected investment after the budget has been spent.  Even though more and more consumers are putting blinds into their budget, there are still some common mistakes that people are making when they look to purchase their blinds, shades or drapery.

These types of mistakes can result in additional costs, time and effort that go even further beyond an expected budget. If you don’t already have the knowledge, or do the proper research before you start buying your window treatments, you are leaving yourself open for even more issues and additional expenses in the future.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that the average window coverings buyer makes and how to avoid them:

1. Buying Drapery Too Short

When consumers purchase their drapery off the shelf in an effort to save money, these panels are at a common length that are often too short for most homes.  Once the drapery is hung above the window the drapery loses it custom look if they are too short.

Alternately, they can also be too skimpy in width and they look like a sheet when they are pulled across the window for privacy.  There are ways to make these off-the-shelf panels look custom by contacting a window covering specialist and discussing options such as adding a contrasting band along the bottom for proper length or joining several widths for the proper fullness.

2. Purchasing on Looks Alone

We all want our homes to be beautiful and an extension of your style and taste and window coverings can definitely add the “bling” or “jewellery” to complete your look.  However, please keep their function and their style in mind.  If you have a houseful of pets that like to chew or look out the window, combined with young children, a gorgeous Hunter Douglas Silhouette® paired with Luminette® drapery may not be your best choice for your busy lifestyle.  You may want to consider shutters, wood or faux wood blinds that can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

Luminette and Silhouette by Hunter Douglas in Calgary.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® with Luminette® Drapery

3. Purchasing on Price Alone

It may seem enticing to head out to the big box store and pick up a few ready-made shades that can be cut down with a hack saw to fit your window.  This may be the best option for some, however if you can afford a bit more of an investment, your window coverings can last you many years.

You may even be surprised, depending on what you are comparing, that a window covering dealer can be extremely comparable in price.  Combine that with their knowledge, professional measurements and a warranty, it is worth the comparison.

4. Incorrect Measurements

It is crucial to order your window coverings with proper measurements.  Trying to shim a blind in width to fit your window, or have a foot of slats sitting on your window sill does not add to the blinds function or feel.  Sometimes a very small change in the measurement can make all the difference when it comes to a professional custom look.

Hunter Douglas hybrid interior shutters newstyle

Hunter Douglas NewStyle® Shutters

For example, Shutters are one particular product that requires very precise measurements as well as knowledge of frames and panel position. It is also beneficial to be aware how certain products fit in your window and that deductions are often made for them to function properly.  A window covering specialist that comes to your home should have this knowledge.

5. Not Being Aware of Safety Risks

Child & Pet Safety with Hunter Douglas Calgary custom blinds and shades.

Hunter Douglas Offers Child & Pet Safety Options

As a professional custom window coverings specialist, Child and Pet Safety is top of mind for me when I come into a client’s home.  Cords and slats pose a safety risk for innocent and playful toddlers and pets.  It is important to consider the safety hazards that are involved with all of the types of window coverings and what options there are to eliminate the risk.

Duette Cellular shades by Hunter Douglas

Duette® Cellular “Honeycomb” Shades

Perhaps you want to consider the cordless upgrade on Hunter Douglas Honeycombs® or the LiteRise® option in the Designer Roller Shades line.  Ask your in-home window covering consultant about these options for the various products available.

Cordless Blinds and Cordless Shades LiteRise

Cordless Shades Using LiteRise® Techology

These are a few of the more consistent gaffes that I come across in my daily outings to my clients’ homes. These considerations will help your consultations with a window coverings dealer or will provide you with some knowledge to help with your future purchase.

For experience and knowledge about the right custom window covering solutions for your Cochrane & Calgary home, contact Kirstin today!