Cozy Up! Window Covering Ideas to Warm Up Your Winter

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Winter Window Coverings Calgary

Albertans know how harsh and cold a winter can be – we tend to hibernate, get out our woolly socks, favourite soft blanket and lower the window coverings.  We can help create a cozier feel to our interior with medium to darker colours as accents, soft throws over the sofa and swap out the glass for silver or brass-ware.  However, you can create an instant cozy feel with your window coverings.  Consider a few of these ideas that could cross over season to season.

Luxurious Style of Drapery

Goblet Pleated Drapery for your Calgary & Cochrane Home

Goblet Pleated Drapery

Luxurious drapery in fabrics that dictate your personal style add instant warmth to a room while also creating a fashion statement.  There are so many different options that allow you to reveal your style such as tassels, decorative trim, leading edge banding and different types of pleats.  By carefully choosing the fabric for your drapery you can instantly add a look, feel and function of stylish warmth and ambience to your room.  If you have a particularly cold, large window consider adding a thermal lining to your drapery for extra warmth.

Custom Window Covering Side Panels

Custom Side Panels Help Insulate During Cold Winter Months

Some may want to consider custom side panels that stay stationary as the seasons come and go, however, to create warmth in the cold winter months, consider full functioning drapery that can be closed on a cold night.  Dress your windows with the stylish warmth of their own “blanket” with luxurious drapery.

Put on Extra Layers

Fabric valance with simple piping

Fabric Valance with Simple Piping

Another option to add warmth to your interior is to layer your window treatments.  Perhaps consider adding side panel drapery to your window that has a window shade such as a roller shade or wood blind.  Alternately, you could add a decorative valance or window topper such as an upholstered cornice or box-pleated valance that is flanked with sheers or side panels.

Upholstered cornice

Upholstered Cornice

You can combine style and function with several layers of fabric with a roman shade in the window that can be lowered for privacy and then add decorative side panels that accentuate the shade and your style.  When adding fabric to your windows, there are an infinite amount of possibilities!

Add Warmth with Classic or Contemporary Approaches

Duette Architella Batiste Textured 2016

Duette® Architella® by Hunter Douglas

Perhaps you are looking for a more simple, contemporary solution to add warmth.  There are window covering products that are specifically designed to create a barrier against the cold panes of glass.  The classic example is the Honeycomb shade.  The inner air pocket is the insulation against the heat and the cold protecting your interior from some of the cold blasts of winter.

If you are looking for the best insulation that a product has to offer, be sure to ask your window covering specialist about the Architella® series in the Hunter Douglas Duette® honeycombs.  The “pocket within a pocket” design is the leading edge of insulating value in the window covering industry.

Hunter Douglas Solera

Hunter Douglas Solera®

Another alternative is the Hunter Douglas Solera®, which gives you a dressier look from the Honeycomb with all the same insulating values.

Our winters can be harsh and long – make your interior feel warm and cozy with layers of fabrics and consider the insulating values in the window coverings you select if you want to keep some heat in!  Consider dressing your windows with their own winter coat or luxurious fabrics that emanate your personal style and flair.

For custom window covering solutions to warm up your Cochrane & Calgary home, contact Kirstin today!