Harnessing Light Control in Bragg Creek: Winter Window Covering Strategies

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sonnette shades by hunter douglas in bragg creek during winter

Sonnette® Shades by Hunter Douglas

As the winter is taking hold in our climate and old man winter is breathing down our necks he is also breathing into our homes and keeping the walls and windows with a cold edge.  In Southern Alberta, especially in areas like Bragg Creek and Cochrane area the dry cold air is a common concern to prevent warm air from escaping and the cold air from taking hold.  We do have one advantage in the Bragg Creek area is that if the air is very cold the blue sky will likely be shining crisp and clear.  To help combat the cold blues how can we harness the light and sunshine while protecting our homes interior as well as adding insulation value to our windows?  Read on to learn about some tips and tricks for winter warming trends and how to freshen up your interior as well as your energy bills.

Stay Cozy and Layer Up

If you are fortunate enough to live in the Bragg Creek area with the picturesque Rocky Mountains as your backdrop there is nothing more cozy and warm than coming in from the cold and covering up in a warm soft knitted throw and gazing out your windows.  One way to create comfort and drama is to layer your windows with blinds or shades along with drapery panels.   Perhaps you prefer a sheer Roller Shade to provide some view through and adding functioning drapery to pull across for warmth adds a layer of texture and insulation.  You can also add insulating value to your drapery by adding a thermal lining as an added insulating bonus. When you are not wanting them closed the drapery panels create a framing effect when stacked at the side.

Insulating Blinds by Hunter Douglas

Or you could create the opposite effect and have insulating blinds such as Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb with Duolite Clearview® Sheer at the top providing sheer for UV control while keeping a crisp view.  To layer this treatment consider pairing it with a soft sheer or natural Linen drapery to bring in some texture and natural weaves into your interior.  By using different combinations of shade and blinds along with drapery you can create a custom style to your interior and display your flair for minimalism, elegance or drama.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb in Action

Energy Efficiency

A crucial component in a homes’ insulating value is preventing the cold air from coming through your windows.  Studies show that 20% of our winter heat loss is through our windows.  Investing in thermal window coverings can help maintain warmth and decrease your heating bill.  One of the best energy efficient window coverings is the Duette Honeycomb Architella®.  It is constructed of a honeycomb within a honeycomb, thus creating more air pockets for insulation.   Their vast selection of beautiful fabrics in luxurious Silk textures to a soft Linen look will enhance and showcase your personal style.  They also have some that contain 50% recycled content for the environmental savvy consumer.

duette architella hunter douglas bragg creek winter

Duette Honeycomb Architella® by Hunter Douglas

Vinyl and Wood Shutters

Another product to consider for the Bragg Creek area are Shutters.  From Vinyl to Wood Shutters they will provide an excellent barrier in your windows from the cold winter air when fully closed.  In addition, they are precisely fitted in your windows with a tight direct installation which leaves fewer air gaps around your window frame.  This leaves a barrier from the cold to help regulate the interior temperature. Wood Shutters will also provide some natural warmth and texture with the wood tones and bring the outside in.

Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Roller Shades

A third product to seriously consider for energy efficiency for the cold Bragg Creek winters are Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Roller Shades.  While a regular roller shade in a simple weave does not provide much insulation value, the Sonnette® is a Cellular Shade paired with a Roller Shade to provide a more slim minimal appearance than the Honeycomb.  The Sonnette fabric is formed from a 2” Cell size with a layer of insulating fabric sandwiched between front and back layers for comfort all winter long.  The Cellular structure gives the fabric a slight rolling curve to add some visual texture and dimension.  It was also the first window covering introduced with cordless being its standard base price feature from its introduction into the industry!

Sonnette elan heather taupe shades by hunter douglas available in bragg creek, alberta

Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Roller Shades

Maximize Light

Nestled in the Foothills, Bragg Creek winters can seem long and cold, however the blue sky is very strong and uplifting.  One can maximize the strength of the daylight and sunshine by considering the proper window treatment to bring those warming rays in.

One popular window covering option in Bragg Creek is the Hunter Douglas Pirouette®. With the winter blues that may come alongside the season installing Pirouettes in your home can help bring in the sunshine.  With their proprietary soft fabric vanes that open to expose a back sheer you can play with your light and view to the outside.  The sheer also helps to protect your furnishings from the harmful UV rays.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette® in Action

Another product that plays on light in a magical way is the Hunter Douglas Silhouette®.  Their unique “S vane” that is nestled in two layers of sheer will allow you to play with natural light and rays of sunshine.  Furthermore, like the Pirouette, the sheer will also provide UV protection.  Both the Silhouette and the Pirouette also have the option of the proprietary ClearView® back sheer for superior view-through.  This back sheer provides excellent view to your exterior and maximizes on the amount of light coming into your home.  It is almost invisible!

Winter Window Coverings: In Summary

To summarize, there are different ideas to consider and entertain when adding comfort and energy efficiency into your Bragg Creek home.  From adding a combination of layers of drapery and blinds, to adding energy efficient shades and blinds and to maximizing the light in your home with sheer shadings the options are numerous.  Take advantage of your picturesque landscape and showcase your style with the many options Blind Infusion can offer you.  Cozy up in your own layers on the sofa and play with the light that your window coverings offer!

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