Embrace Spring with Refreshing Window Fashion Trends for 2024

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Sonnette® by Hunter Douglas

Spring into Window Fashion

With the winter season coming to an end, spring is showing glimpses of its warm sunshine on our face and streaming rays through our windows.  The air smells fresh, yet crisp and we can feel a reset and refresh around the corner with new buds on the trees and bulbs and native flowers starting to perk up and come alive again.  This sense of freshness seems to bring on a feeling of renewing some of our interior – maybe setting out lighter color toss cushions, bringing out clear vases and small succulents and replacing the thick soft blankets with lighter airy ones. If you are considering new window coverings to refresh your space, here are some ideas of what is trending for Spring 2024.

With the long Cochrane and Bragg Creek area winters, we long for the warmth that the Spring season brings.  Once March rolls in we feel like we have turned a corner and are almost finished with the cold.  We want to open up our homes and air them out. We raise the blinds and let the rays of sunshine warm the space.  At this transitional point in the season, the cold temperatures are becoming less extreme, while the hot summer wind is still weeks away. It is a good time to let the sunshine in and not worry about the extreme temperatures leaking through our windows.  However, what about our furnishings and flooring?  How can we manage our daylight streams of sunshine and protect the harmful UV rays from damaging out interior?  Here are a few considerations for window coverings that you could consider for your home to protect the harmful UV rays yet allowing a daylight glow shining on your face.

Hunter Douglas Pirouettes®

The Pirouette®, a proprietary Hunter Douglas product has soft unique fabric vanes that allow you to play with the light. You can play with the light with the pirouettes that add a three-dimensional affect to your shade – opening and closing them partially or fully, you can alter the light in your home.  When the pirouettes are closed you can have your privacy assured and when the vanes are open you can protect your furnishings from the harmful UV rays while allowing some view through to the exterior.  Hunter Douglas has also introduced the ClearView sheer to this collection allowing superior view-through.  With a vast selection of colors and textures in luxurious and high-quality fabrics you will surely find one to suit your interior.

Pirouette in Satin Luxe

Pirouette® in Satin Luxe by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Silhouettes®

Hunter Douglas was the first manufacturer of the Silhouette®.  Although there are many look-a-likes now, the Silhouette® remains to be the most beautiful sheer shade on the market today.  With their unique S-shaped vanes that can adjust between two layers of sheer they allow you to play with light in a magical way.  When the shade is fully lowered you can open the vanes by tilting them to your desired position for the ultimate play of light while also shielding your interior from the damaging UV rays.  And, of course you can tilt them closed to provide you with privacy.  The ClearView sheer is also an option in this collection to provide you with amazing view-through second to none in the industry.  Another great option in the Silhouette® is the Duolite® function for the ultimate in light control.  The front sheer shade is the Silhouette® and housed in the same cassette is an independent roller shade in a room darkening fabric that lowers from the back.  Add some Powerview® automation for the ultimate in light control.

Hunter Douglas Silhouettes® Shades

Silhouette® in Coastal White Diamond by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Luminettes® are drapery for your windows!  The sheer fabric has rotating vertical fabric vanes that allow you to have light control and privacy.  These are perfect for the Cochrane and Bragg Creek extra large windows and patio doors.  They can expand wall to wall with their large width and length allowances and create a beautiful expanse of luxury and a play on light. They pair perfectly in select fabrics from the Silhouette® and Pirouette® collection providing you with a Whole Home Solution.  And a big bonus is that the Luminette® offers excellent pricing and sizes in Powerview® automation so you can control the light with the touch of a finger.

Spring Trends

This Spring look to warm light neutrals – think light woven woods and grasses, warm toned luxury vinyl plank or Hardwoods and soft natural woven fabrics.  In the window covering world there are a few ways to introduce these light textures into your home while also keeping a classic look that is not just on trend but also warm and inviting for years to come.

Provenance® Woven Woods

Hunter Douglas offers a beautiful hand woven selection of natural Roman Shades.  They are custom made by hand with grasses, bamboos and decorative threads and braiding.  A light tan Woven Wood with provide a white on white interior a warm ambience and a darker roman shade in tones of browns, blacks and greys will provide a hit of drama.  When fully raised the Provenance® Shades offer a dressed up valance over  your window and when it is fully lowered provides subdued privacy with beautiful daylighting through the textures.  The Shades can also be custom ordered to have an attached liner to complement the natural fibres or you can opt for an independent mini-honeycomb liner that allows you to have the natural texture of the grasses shine through when privacy is not required.  With superior operating systems such as LiteRise®, Ultraglide and Powerview you can be assured that your shades will be convenient to raise and lower as well as child and pet safe.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades by Hunter Douglas

Provenance® in Santa Rosa Sunset by Hunter Douglas

Designer Roller Shades

The roller shades of the old days bring back many memories of the old vinyl cracking plastic springing off the tube.  With the modern technology and beautiful fabrics, roller shades are an increasingly popular option in many consumers’ homes.  From solids to textures and even fun patterns there is sure to be a fabric that showcases your style.  With the trends moving towards more natural and simplistic interiors, look for a soft white linen weave or light neutral in a texture providing depth of color.   If your style is looking for more drama, bring it forward with some darker contrasting weaves and patterns.  

Layer with Drapery

Drapery is also becoming more popular with decorative side panels as well as fully functioning drapery.  Soft pleated folds of cottons or linens can dress up any window and the pleats of our childhood such as the Triple Pinch-pleat and the Ripplefold are very much on trend.  With a vast array of fabrics to chose from you can display your sense of style and design your own frame for your windows with drapery panels.  You can layer your blind or shade treatment with drapery and have white flowy linen fabric gracing the sides.  Or perhaps you want to add some elegance and flair with a contrasting stripe or pattern. Add a streamlined utility rod that fades into the wall or bring in some metallics or woods with a chucky rod and finial.   The choices are limitless and design possibilities abound with custom drapery for your Cochrane home.  

cochrane drapery and window coverings by Blind Infusion, Hunter Douglas dealer.

Sheer Ripplefold Drapery on Custom Channel Rods

The change of season brings in a reset of warmth and light.  We have a fresh start as the leaves and grasses come alive after sleeping for the cold winter season.  We can bring our interiors alive with fresh and airy fabrics, soft warm textures and warm daylighting from our window coverings.  Call your window covering specialist, Kirstin, to see what opportunities are available for your home.