Vertical Blinds are a traditional choice for Calgary and Cochrane homes that have large windows and patio doors, such as sliding doors.

Sliding Glass doors, Garden doors, Atrium Doors all seem to pose an overwhelming window covering issue for Calgary and Cochrane home owners.  We love our Patio doors to maximize our light, however they do cause a stumbling block when it comes to covering them with blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a traditional choice for Calgary and Cochrane homes that have large windows and patio doors, such as sliding doors.

The most traditional, yet perhaps the more dated solution is to consider vertical blinds.  Although these now come in fabulous fabric prints and textures there are other options to look at.  If you prefer a vertical solution, or one that is drawn across the sliding glass doors, another modern option is Hunter Douglas Skyline®.  The panels glide over a minimal track to prevent obtrusive projection into the room and come in two sizes – 11 ½” or 17”.  Although these panels do not tilt open like their old friend the vertical, they do offer versatility in light control with the varying choices in light filtering fabrics, including solar screens which can allow some view through to the outside of the home.

Vertical Vanes

Luminette Sheers from Hunter Douglas for sliding doors in Calgary and Cochrane.

If you would like the option of tilting the vanes you could look more closely at the Hunter Douglas Luminette®.    Their vertical vanes that can rotate are set in between sheers for maximum light control and privacy.  This also allows home owners to have UV protection when the vanes are tilted open and the Luminette is drawn closed over the window.

Horizontal Blinds

Honeycomb shades, such as these ones from Hunter Douglas Canada, provide a great solution as a large window covering.

A very common solution to patio doors and garden doors is to consider the door as a window – that is to install shades or blinds that move horizontally and stack at the top.  This is a perfect solution for the garden doors, however, contact your window covering specialist for mounting requirements to clear the screen obstruction. There are a few great horizontal options, two being the honeycomb shade and the roller shade.  This is mainly due to their neat and tidy stack that is very minimal when the blind is drawn up.  This allows traffic flow out the doors and excellent light coverage or privacy when the blinds are drawn closed.  It will be important to look at cordless options for child safety in a high traffic area and automation may also be worth considering.

Roller shades provide an elegant and functional solution to larger windows and patio doors, perfect for the Calgary home owner.

For more information, take a closer look at Hunter Douglas’ window treatment solutions (

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