“Hello, this is Mrs. MountainView. Could you please help me with some window covering ideas?

This is a common question we receive when a prospective client first calls Blind Infusion. There are so many window covering options available to consumers in 2020. It can be an overwhelming daunting task when you are considering options for custom blinds, shades and drapery.

The spectrum is vast. Hunter Douglas Silhouettes, motorized blinds, blackout blinds and “top down bottom up” features are some of the key features that homeowners seek in their new window coverings. When it comes to custom Calgary blinds, there are many questions to consider before you make your final purchase.

Room Darkening with Black Out Blinds

“Thank you for calling Mrs. MountainView. Are there certain rooms that you would like to discuss and do these rooms require room darkening?”  

Blackout blinds and blackout roller shades are very often a requirement for bedrooms and media rooms. It is very important to discuss this with your window coverings specialist. There are many functions to consider when it comes to the light control of black out shades. However, there are just a few products to truly consider when it comes to this type of light control.

window covering ideas include light-lock hunter douglas in cochrane and calgary

Hunter Douglas Duette® with LightLock™ is the ultimate choice in blackout blinds. With the combination of the LightLock™ side channels to block the incoming glow from the edges and the opaque fabric it is definitely a winner in the quest for virtually complete light blockage. Please keep in mind that not all windows are created the same and some light variances may occur.

You could also consider a room darkening fabric in a roller shade with a side channel or mount this product above the window for an outside mount to eliminate the light gap that is inherent in the roller shades. It is best to discuss these options with your window covering expert as the final appearance will be quite different in the same product due to the installation location in or above the window.

More on Light Control

Cochrane blinds offer many options for light control. Perhaps you have a beautiful view of the mountains but would like to protect your furnishings from the harsh UV rays in your living room and dining room.

Some notable products will meet this functional requirement such as the Hunter Douglas Silhouette®, Pirouette® or Designer Screen Roller Shades. Each product will provide you with light diffusion from the suns glare, shield most of the harsh UV rays as well as maintain some view to the outside.

The Silhouette has soft fabric vanes nestled inside two layers of sheer for a very elegant and soft diffusion of light. Tilt the vanes when fully lowered to play with the ambient light, or close them for privacy.

pirouette by hunter douglas in calgary and cochrane, alberta

The Hunter Douglas Pirouette® is a modern version of the classic roman shade. With one layer of sheer at the back and the innovative Invisi-Lift system the fabric vanes on the front will pirouette open to allow you to play with the light and privacy. If you are looking for a simple treatment look at the Designer Screens for the ease of use and the maintenance free cleaning aspect.

The fabrics are available in a wide selection of opacity and openness so you can get the level of light and view that you are trying to achieve. With a wide range of operating systems and headrails you can choose your own details to play with your personal style.

Many Cochrane and Calgary area homes have huge windows and with the strong sun the South and West exposures can bring in a lot of heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella is designed to reduce heat loss by 40% with their patented honeycomb construction – a cell within a cell.  With features such as motorization, top down bottom up and room darkening, this product is a true winner.

Interior Decorating & Your Style

“Mrs. MountainView, can you share with me a little about the style of your home and your preference towards colour and décor?” 

Today’s homes are a reflection of our personality and style. We search for the perfect sofa, the beautiful area rug and colourful painting to adorn our rooms. Your window coverings become the final touch bringing it all together – the bling or jewellery. To that end, discussing your window covering ideas at the right time is a critical step to your decorating process.

You can experiment with colour, texture, style and technology all in one. If you have a modern minimal style perhaps the roller shade in a fabric to match your trim is the final look you want to achieve. Perhaps you prefer colour and envision a dark denim colour to accent your dark blues and greys.


roman shades by hunter douglas

Or perhaps you are drawn towards rustic, natural elements and would love a woven wood roman shade or 2” Country Wood to enhance your flooring and cabinetry.

And of course there is the high-tech automated homes and this calls for automation or motorized blinds. For example, you can choose the innovative design of Hunter Douglas PowerView®, controlled by the PowerView® Hub and PowerView® app. Every blind or shade can be motorized and also integrated into your home automation system. This provides the best in child and pet safety in your tech savvy home.

Soft Window Coverings

“Mrs MountainView, would you like to discuss any other options for window coverings?”

“Yes! I would love to explore styles of drapery for the Master Bedroom!” 

Custom drapery can be at a higher cost than some are anticipating. However, the details and options you can choose from for your window treatment are limitless. You can really display your personality and style in soft window coverings such as custom drapes or Roman Shades.

Depending on if the drapery is stationary side panels for added softness and texture, or full functioning drapery in a pattern or motif that you love, you can play with the pleat styles and the hardware to have some fun. Add some bling, or be really edgy and square for a more contemporary approach.

When it comes to specific window covering ideas, room darkening liners are a popular option for bedrooms. They minimize light gaps on the sides for added light control and light filtering liners are more prevalent in side panels or main living area drapery. Silk fabrics require extra care, so your window covering professional can advise how to properly line and interline the silk for added protection of your investment.

Budgeting is Key

“There is one more consideration to discuss if you are comfortable Mrs. MountainView, do you have an approximate budget in mind? This will help me pre-select some products for you.”

Custom blinds in Calgary and area have many ranges in price points. If you have a budget in mind it is best to share that with your window coverings specialist so we can guide you to a product that best suits your function, style and budget. We can advise you to the pros (and cons for each product if they exist) and ensure that we meet your budgetary requirements.

With the consideration of many different products and operating systems we can assist you with the right choice.

economical window covering ideas include the faux wood Everwood blinds by Hunter Douglas in cochrane calgary

For example, a 2” Faux Wood will carry a completely different price point than the honeycomb to the Silhouette. If you are considering flipping or renting this home we likely will not start the quote with Shutters or Pirouettes. Of course, there are also price variances within each product as well with fabric considerations and operating systems. A window covering specialist can help to explain these options and what are the standard options versus an upgrade.

“Thank you for all your information Mrs. MountainView, I think we have discussed the important details prior to our consultation in your home and I look forward to meeting you!”

If you are looking for personalized customer service, quality product selection and expert consultation for your window covering ideas, call Blind Infusion today for your custom window covering solutions in Cochrane and Calgary.