If you are considering custom window coverings such as blinds, shades or drapes in your Cochrane or Calgary home, it is the perfect time to take a step back and consider your home’s overall look and feel. Does it best match your unique taste and lifestyle? Paint consultations are an effective way to get the best overall result.

Color cards for paint consultations in Calgary and Cochrane, Alberta used by interior decorators when matching with window coverings.

Interior decorating is a powerful way to set the stage for your life’s and family’s day-to-day activities and life-long memories. We all feel the best in a space that reflects our lifestyle and values. We need to feel “at home”. By scheduling paint consultations with a professional interior decorator before you dive in and buy the first window coverings that you like, you will be able to leverage their skill and knowledge to find the very best overall solution for your home.

Decorating a new home, or revitalizing an existing living space, can feel daunting and, at times, simply exhausting! A professional decorator can help you speed up the process. They will also give you the best options for products, styles, and functionality that fit your needs.

Hunter Douglas in Cochrane, Alberta

Take that step back and look at the big picture with a professional decorator. You can combine a personalized paint consultation with a custom window covering solution. This approach will give your home that professional touch, but also include your unique taste and expression.

Here are some benefits to getting a window covering installation and paint consultation done together:

1. Paint Consultations Save Time & Money

This is the most evident of the benefits. By combining blind or drapery installation with paint consultation, you save considerable amount of time and, ultimately, money. An interior decorator can help you determine the best paint colours to match or highlight your new window coverings. This helps to ensure a well coordinated look and feel.

Your consultant can provide colour swatches for painting and run you through them in detail. They can also answer your questions regarding blinds, shades, drapery, valances and paints.

Make sure you leverage the expertise and resources provided by a certified professional decorator. You will take out a lot of the guesswork of the process. This saves time and money (and avoidable mistakes) compared to going it alone. Your consultant may also have window covering rebates available to save even more money.

2. Colour Matching

It is better to colour match your walls and window coverings with the same professional and at the same time. This approach allows you to see your choices in real time. You can then make decisions based on what works best with your choice of shades and blinds. It is important to consider the consistency and quality of the products used. Your final choices will be expected to last for years. They are a worthwhile investment to do right the first time.

Paint consultations with Hunter Douglas products in Cochrane, Alberta

The right choices of colours, fabrics, finishes and functionalities are easier to determine when you use this strategy. Concerns such as blinds versus shades, motorized or manual, are best determined together for optimal results.

3. Professional Consultation

A certified consultant with experience and industry-based knowledge will naturally raise the quality and focus of your home’s interior decoration.

As a result, you will be more confident and relaxed with the process, making it a more enjoyable one. From the beginning consultation to the final installation, the right professional can help to provide necessary feedback and support.

4. Certified Products

Combining the two activities also offers you a wide array of certified products. Such quality product lines as Hunter Douglas reflect the consultant’s knowledge, research and experience. A quality product will often come with a limited or lifetime warranty.

A certified interior decorator is well trained in all aspects of these products. This gives you peace of mind knowing that what you’re getting is the best solution for your home.

Some may think that paint consultations and window covering installations are mostly considered separate. However, these benefits show why they can, and should, be done together. Give your home’s new look a head start and schedule these together.

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A unique, custom look to your home should not be out of your reach. Before you waste any time and money on less desirable results, find a professional to help you.

They may introduce exciting colour schemes and ideas that you love, but had not even considered. To receive a paint consultation (flat rate applies) and complimentary window covering consult, give Kirstin a call today!

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