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Imagine having the ability to control your window coverings from your hotel in Hawaii! This is a reality with Hunter Douglas advanced PowerView® Motorization with the PowerView® Hub.  You can transform the light in your home by the touch of a button. You have the same control in the comfort of your living room or a tropical location while on vacation. The PowerView® system is compatible with your Android or Apple Devices that you already use. This advanced technology makes it seamless to integrate into your lifestyle.

There are many benefits to having your blinds and shades motorized. Hunter Douglas makes the decision affordable, user-friendly  and attractive.  This innovative system gives you ultimate control of your window coverings. It allows you to set schedules, designate separate groups and rooms or set according to the seasons daylight hours.  Hunter Douglas recently introduced the option of integrating your smart shades into your home automation systems. Integration options include Google Home and Alexa – now you can talk to your shades!  Please be sure to ask your dealer about PowerView® compatibility.

Child & Pet Safety

hunter douglas remote motorized blinds child safety

Child safety is top of mind when considering a new window covering.  The long, dangling cords are untidy to say the least. However, more importantly, they are a child and pet safety hazard due to choking. Due to stricter legislation, we recommend you discuss the use of cords with your window covering specialist. Rest assured, you can have peace of mind by choosing PowerView® motorization for your shades and blinds.  This will eliminate your cords on your shades, while also making them aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps you have a grandiose Luminette® and want to traverse it open. Or you want a beautiful Silhouette® to tilt the vanes slightly closed. Or even opening the louvres on a sleek Palm Beach Shutter – this is all possible with the intelligence of PowerView®.  Please keep in mind, however, with Parkland and Everwood blinds, you can tilt the shades only with the automation. Their weight restriction does not allow you to raise the blind.   Imagine having a Duette® “top down bottom up” shade and controlling it with the touch of a button. All the while keeping the area free of any safety hazards.

For those Hard to Reach Areas

hunter douglas top down bottom up duette blinds kitchen

Many homes also have hard to reach areas throughout the home. Consider areas such as over the kitchen sink or above the tub in the Master ensuite. Even those beautiful second story windows that allow incredible light and views through.  However, using your blinds in these areas can be cumbersome and frustrating, if not almost impossible.  With PowerView® by Hunter Douglas® you can make this operation easy and effortless.  The options for these areas are not restrictive with remote control blinds.

For the kitchen sink, consider a solar shade for ample glow of light. Then, with the touch of a button on your Pebble remote, or voicing your request to google home, you can raise your shade before it gets soiled.  Do you have a beautiful clawfoot tub in your bathroom with a mountain view out your bathroom window?  Consider a motorized honeycomb blind with top down bottom up on PowerView®. Simply use your surface remote in the bathroom to lower the top moving rail. This keeps your view open while maintaining privacy.  Perhaps you are looking for a more modern window covering for your bathroom. How about a Palm Beach Shutter with PowerView®?  Yes, you now can operate your shutter louvres with the touch of a button!

Automated Blinds & Large Windows

Calgary and area homes have some of the largest second story windows in the country. If you are one of these lucky homeowners, what are some of the best automated blinds?  Imagine a beautiful diffusion of light with the Silhouette® or Pirouette® shades. This makes a modern statement that is not too bold, however stunning and dramatic at the same time.  Set your shades to schedule to open at the first daylight. Then close and tilt the vanes open in the afternoon for a warm natural glow, as you are greeting the children after school.  The Silhouette and Pirouette are perfect options for the high large windows.

Do you have the opportunity to work with a custom builder before the blueprints are final?  This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the wiring for motorized blinds. Your electrician and window covering installer can complete the appropriate electrical wiring and placement, thereby hooking your blinds to power, instead of having battery-operated shades.

Perhaps you are undertaking a renovation in your existing loved home and the wiring can be fished to the windows as well.  Imagine the convenience of having your automated blinds and curtains open and close with the touch of a button or synced with your home automation such as Google Home or Alexa.

PowerView® Pebble Remote Control

hunter douglas pebble remote colors calgary cochrane

Control Hunter Douglas PowerView® blinds and shades with the PowerView® Pebble remote. This is a hand-held remote that comes in an assortment of the latest design colors.  You can pre-set and operate 6 groups of blinds (or six single units) on the remote. The Pebble Room Scene Controller is programmable, opening and closing groups of blinds according to your schedule. Do you have problems with your remote control taking a leave of absence –  mount the remote on a wall switch, or in PowerView® lingo, the surface remote.  It easily mounts anywhere you choose in your home.

Introducing the PowerView® APP

hunter douglas powerview app calgary

You set your room scenes on your PowerView® APP from your smart device or tablet. This is possible through the Powerview HUB.  Through this APP you can control your shades remotely. Each room has its own timer that you have chosen specifically. Alternately, you can choose to have the wall mounted remote or scene controller inset into your wall. This way, the remote does not go missing in action.  These are available in three neutral colours.

Perhaps you prefer that the shades raise according to a sun sensor. This option is also set on your Powerview App. Hunter Douglas PowerView® technology is top of the line. It integrates into other whole-home automation systems. The App allows ultimate flexibility and control of your motorized shades.  You can even check the strength of your batteries through the App.  or re-calibrate your window coverings, such as a Silhouette to a factory setting if need be.

Other Options for Automated Blinds

There have been numerous advances in technology for remote controlled blinds and shades.  Therefore, window covering manufacturers now offer many other options for remote controlled blinds, or automated blinds.  Graber motorized blinds operate using the SOMFY motors. You can choose to use the RF Feature, or Radio Frequency motor on battery power. Or, choose a motor with a transformer connected to your electrical panel or outlet.

The Somfy system integrates into many home automation systems. This provides ultimate control from virtually anywhere in the home. Use a timer to program your window coverings at certain times of the day. This maximizes or minimizes the solar heat gain in your home. In turn, this will maximize your energy efficiency of the home throughout the year. Sun Glow Roller Shades  also uses the Somfy motor. This provides many fabric options for your motorized roller shades.

What Do Motorized Window Coverings Cost?

We all know that technology is an investment and can be expensive.  What do motorized window coverings cost?  Quality window coverings may be an investment if you would like to purchase a blind with durability and a warranty.  Automated window coverings do add value to the intial cost. However, they are becoming more and more affordable.  It is best that you ask your local window covering expert for specific pricing for your needs. Generally speaking, a manufacturer’s warranty covers five years for the motorization features. However, make sure to confirm this with your specialist.

Do you have existing shades or blinds that you are wondering if they can be retrofitted for motorization?  It may be a possibility, pending the product type, age of the blind and the manufacturer.  Check with your dealer to see if this is an viable cost option with an existing shade. We do not recommend DIY motorized shades due to the technical knowledge needed when ordering and installing. It is best to leave these tasks to the professionals.

Choose a dedicated, local window coverings specialist in the Calgary & Cochrane area. Call Kirstin at Blind Infusion to discuss your custom blinds and window treatment needs!