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A Brief History of Window Coverings

This spring started with an isolated feeling of a sense of urgency to stay inside our homes to keep healthy – not your typical spring feeling of enjoying the outdoors and the freshness of new beginnings as the grass and trees awaken to a new season.  As this health pandemic is taking a strong foothold […]

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Looking for Window Covering Ideas for Your Calgary Area Home in 2020?

“Hello, this is Mrs. MountainView. Could you please help me with some window covering ideas?” This is a common question we receive when a prospective client first calls Blind Infusion. There are so many window covering options available to consumers in 2020. It can be an overwhelming daunting task when you are considering options for […]

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Top Tips for Custom Blinds in Calgary & Cochrane for 2020

Are You Looking for Custom Blinds Cochrane & Calgary? Custom shades or blinds may be the best solution for your Cochrane & Calgary area home. However, knowing where to start can feel like an impossible task to many homeowners. It can be overwhelming to manage the many factors of interior decorating that purchasing window coverings […]

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Why Combine Paint Consultations with Custom Window Coverings?

If you are considering custom window coverings such as blinds, shades or drapes in your Cochrane home, it is the perfect time to take a step back and consider your home’s overall look and feel. Does it best match your unique taste and lifestyle? Paint consultations are an effective way to get the best overall […]


Product Showcase – Roller Shades

If you grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s you may well remember the old vinyl roller shade that flung off the wall in your numerous efforts to open it, nearly springing off into your face!  While the product name of roller shades has not changed, the product certainly has.  With today’s ever-changing window coverings […]

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Cheap Blinds Versus Custom Window Coverings

When it comes to purchasing window coverings, consumers have many vendors to choose from and the end result also varies with the different manufacturers and the value associated with the product.  Online internet distributors, big box stores and smaller home décor stores carry similar products with limited options, sizes and colors.  These products are very […]

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Avoid These Top 5 Common Mistakes When Buying Window Coverings

Purchasing a home is not an inexpensive venture, however, often the window coverings can be overlooked and it is an unexpected investment after the budget has been spent.  Even though more and more consumers are putting blinds into their budget, there are still some common mistakes that people are making when they look to purchase […]