Looking for Window Covering Repairs in Calgary, Cochrane & Bragg Creek?

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blinds, shades and shutters repairs in calgary, cochrane, and bragg creek.

By Kirstin Sundgaard, Hunter Douglas Consultant

As a local Cochrane window covering dealer, I receive many calls that blinds have broken and does Blind Infusion repair them? Repairs are generally done at local Calgary service centers like Blind Wash.  However, please continue reading to learn more about this topic when it happens to your Cochrane blinds and shades.

Contact Your Current Blinds Dealer

When your blinds and/or shades break or need some kind of repair, it is always best to call the dealer that provided you with the shades on the original purchase.  They would have the pertinent information to arrange a warranty repair or help you with guidance on repairing something that is a wear and tear item or out of warranty.  However, this is not always feasible if you are not the original purchaser, so lets delve into this subject matter to save you some time for future repairs.

While all manufacturers’ blinds require repair I will, for the sake of this blog, refer to Hunter Douglas as they are the most common brand.  It does not infer that they are the only ones that require repair.  Furthermore, if your blinds were purchased at a big box store off the shelf, there is likely not a financial gain to repairing them. This is because they would have no warranty or likely would be cheaper for you to purchase new.  While this does not help our earth and the landfills, it is a fact of our consumerism in North America.

blinds, shades and shutters repairs in calgary, cochrane, and bragg creek.

How to Deal with Broken Cords or Strings

The most common issue in Hunter Douglas window coverings is that a cord or string broke.  This can be a simple repair, however it does involve removing the shade and taking to a service center like Blind Wash or Blind Doctor in Calgary.  If your blind is within warranty for a broken cord, which is seven years for Hunter Douglas, and three to five for other manufacturers, please call your original vendor.  That said, there are some blinds like venetian blinds that are not as easy to repair and it would be a consideration to replace them.

Can My Roller Shades be Repaired?

Another common question is can my roller shade be repaired?  If a roller shade requires repair it is likely a simple one.  Perhaps it is the bead joiner on the chain. This is the most simplest, as it just requires getting the small part which can be ordered through your vendor. Or, you can pick one up at Blind Wash or Blind Doctor.  Infrequently, a clutch will give out and this would require calling your vendor again to get warranty, or removing the shade and taking it to the service repair centers.  A clutch is very specific to the rollershade. It is best to take the whole blind in for replacement of the clutch.

Can my Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shade be Repaired?

As a general rule, most honeycomb shades can be repaired. However, if it is a fabric delaminating or coming apart this does require a remake or replacement.  If your cordless, Ultraglide® or LiteRise® mechanism has given out, please call your dealer. They will arrange repair, as this has a limited lifetime warranty.  But again, if you are not the original purchaser it can be taken into the service centers. If you prefer, Blind Infusion can arrange a replacement of these parts in your home with a chargeable service call.

Hunter Douglas shutters newstyle hybrid - how to repair shutters in Calgary and Cochrane.

Can I Repair my Shutters?

As with most custom window coverings repairs, parts are very specific and shutters are not an exception.  Every manufacturer of shutters, Hunter Douglas, Graber or Maxxmar don’t require many repairs, but a few parts over time can require some maintenance.  If a magnet has broken this is a simple replacement.  However, if the tilt bar has come loose, or is missing parts, this definitely requires a call to your original vendor or take it to the service center.

Hunter Douglas silhouette repairs in Calgary, Bragg Creek and Cochrane.

How Do I Repair my Hunter Douglas Silhouettes?

You may see a trend by now to call your original window coverings dealer that provided you with the shades. However, if this is not an option, rest assured they likely can be repaired.  A Silhouette® is constructed like a roller shade and perhaps it is a clutch replacement, which would involve taking it to a service center.  If it is the cordless, continuous loop or Ultraglide® operating system this is something that we can consider repairing in your home as a chargeable service, after more detailed information from you as the home owner.

Powerview Calgary blinds motorization by hunter douglas.

Repairs for Motorized Window Coverings

With the advancements of technology and new child safety considerations motorization is becoming a very popular choice in many consumers homes.  But what to do if your motorization glitches?  With Hunter Douglas and other manufacturers, motorization parts carry a five year warranty. So, if it falls within that time frame please ensure to call your original dealer for all your questions and concerns.  Sometimes we can successfully trouble shoot and there are some common issues that are simple fixes you can perform on your own.  A very common issue is the remote –  is your remote battery dead?  Is your blind battery needing replacing or charged?  Did you unknowingly reset the programming and need to reprogram your shades? There are excellent YouTube videos to search on reprogramming your Hunter Douglas shades and this is a great place to start.  Sometimes a new motor is required and this could be available through a dealer or service center. That said, if the motor is an older generation sometimes finding the correct parts are difficult or not an option.

Window Covering Repairs in Cochrane, Calgary & Bragg Creek

In our Calgary, Cochrane and Bragg Creek climates, Window Coverings are a necessity and they get raised and lowered often.  This can lead to maintenance and repairs, however I hope this helps you find the right service center or path to take when your blinds or shades are not performing.  Please do not hesitate to call Blind Wash in Calgary for your repairs at 403-291-0605.  If Blind Infusion is  your original dealer, please always call us first and we will assist with warranty processes and/or request a service call.